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Elevate Your Child's Potential: Unlocking Holistic Growth With IQ Mate

Welcome to IQ Mate! We're here to help your child grow smarter and happier. Our DIY kits focus on fun learning, boosting creativity, and building important skills. Join us on this exciting journey of nurturing young minds!

  • Holistic Approach: IQ Mate aligns with the holistic nature of child development, addressing cognitive, emotional, social, and physical aspects.
  • Tailored Cognitive Development: Stimulate critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity through customized activities, fostering well-rounded cognitive skills.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills: Enhance emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills, promoting a balanced and socially adept child.

About Learn Smart Platform

Learn Smart is revolutionizing the landscape of school education by emphasizing hands-on learning experiences. Aligned with the National Education Policy 2020, the platform is designed to empower minds and simplify studies through experiential approaches. By focusing on making math interesting and creating a strong foundation in mathematical intelligence for children, Learn Smart engages students in simple activities, fun experiments, and real-life applications that make learning math a joy rather than a chore. Their innovative methods and the Smart School Partner Program look to bridge the gap between real and abstract worlds, helping students to understand, remember, and apply concepts more effectively.


Our Core Values

IQ Mate is on a mission to foster holistic development in children through innovative and purposeful DIY kits. Our content is carefully curated by a team of dedicated educators, child psychologists, and creative minds who share a passion for empowering young minds.

Mission Statement

At IQ Mate, our mission is to cultivate comprehensive growth in children by providing them with tools that stimulate cognitive, emotional, and social development. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who can confidently navigate the challenges of the world.


Vision Statement

Our vision at IQ Mate is to be a leading force in revolutionizing the way children learn and develop. We aspire to create a global community where children are equipped with essential life skills, laying the foundation for a brighter and more harmonious future.


Content Approach

Our DIY kits are more than just activities; they are crafted with a deep understanding of the latest research in child development. The content is designed to be both engaging and effective, ensuring that children not only have fun but also acquire valuable skills. From enhancing cognitive abilities to fostering emotional intelligence, each kit is a carefully curated learning experience.

Learn Smart Products


MathWinner (MW)

MathWinner, developed by Learn Smart, consists of School Labs and self-learning Student Kits that cater to grades KG to 10. These kits are designed to enhance a child's mathematical intelligence through activity-based learning. The MathWinner labs and kits simplify the teaching process with innovative methods and manipulatives that turn abstract math concepts into tangible learning experiences. These tools not only boost understanding and memory but also increase students' interest, involvement, and confidence in math by igniting their curiosity, creativity, and innovation.

IQ Mate

IQ Mate is another flagship product of Learn Smart, aimed at boosting the overall cognitive capabilities of children. While specific details were not provided in the content extracted, IQ Mate likely follows a similar hands-on, activity-based learning approach. Given the focus on empowering children with a strong foundation in mathematics via MathWinner, IQ Mate may be implicitly designed to complement this by enhancing other aspects of intelligence such as memory, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. This tool is presumably geared towards making children more adept at navigating complex concepts and applying their learning in various scenarios, hence preparing them for academic and career success.Learn Smart, with its innovative products like MathWinner and IQ Mate, is at the forefront of educational transformation. By fostering an environment of active, hands-on learning, it is nurturing a generation of confident, creative, and intellectually-equipped children ready to meet the challenges of the future.


Learn Smart Founder: Suresh Velkur

Mr. Suresh Velkur, a visionary in the realm of mathematics education and the beacon behind the Learn Smart platform, has carved a niche for himself as a profound mathematician and an inventive educationalist. As the founder of MathWinner, one of the pioneering products on the Learn Smart platform, he has brought a refreshing perspective to the teaching and learning of mathematics. His journey into educational innovation was sparked by an all-too-common refrain he heard from students: a dread of mathematics, marked by sentiments of confusion and fear of the subject. Determined to overturn these perceptions, Mr. Velkur set out to revolutionize the way mathematics is taught and learned.
Harnessing his deep understanding of mathematics and his passion for teaching, Mr. Velkur introduced a groundbreaking hands-on learning methodology rooted in ancient cultural practices. This method, designed to help children absorb mathematical concepts more effectively, has transformed over 100,000 students through his engaging offline summits, turning math into a subject of fascination and joy.
With over two decades of rich experience spanning across educational training and the IT industry, Mr. Velkur's impact reverberates worldwide. He has conducted training for students internationally, with his mentees now thriving in countries including India, Australia, Europe, the USA, and the Asia Pacific regions.
At the heart of Mr. Velkur's innovation is the Learn Smart platform, co-founded by Mr. Suresh Kumar, which hosts MathWinner and IQ Mate as its flagship products. MathWinner, under Mr. Velkur's guidance, transcends traditional teaching methodologies by making math an enjoyable and engaging subject through experiential learning. Alongside MathWinner, IQ Mate enhances children’s cognitive development, complementing the mathematical intelligence fostered by MathWinner. Together, these products symbolize Mr. Velkur's and Mr. Kumar’s shared vision for a transformative educational experience, fundamentally changing how students interact with and understand mathematics, thereby setting the stage for a lifetime of learning and exploration.